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Whether you need installation, repair, maintenance or a complete overhaul, we can help you.Book one of our services and discover the difference a cleaned machine can make. We specialize in the supply, installation and maintenance of residential, commercial, retail and industrial Air Conditioning systems.

Listed below are some reasons why your Air Conditioner need service :

1. Stay cool all year long
If the aircon refrigerant gas runs low or due to accumulated dirt, the air released by air conditioner will not be cool, no matter how low you set the temperature on the remote.

But if you service your aircon regularly, you and your family will always enjoy cooling temperature all the time. There’s nothing worse than having an aircon that is not cold when you’re trying to sleep on a hot night.

2. Dirty air conditioner can make you sick
The air conditioner’s filters will get stuck with more and more dust if the aircon is not serviced regularly. Due to this, it may cause condensation to build up in the aircon internals. This will lead to mould spores and bacteria growing inside your aircon. Whenever the air conditioner is switched on, you could be getting a faceful of dust, bacteria and mould.

In addition, those who suffer from allergies may end up falling ill, breaking out in a rash, or begin to sneeze uncontrollably. Some may think that it’s because the aircon temperature was too cold. But the real reason is because the aircon is full of microbes.

3. To avoid leaking of Air Conditioner
A malfunctioning aircon can start leaking. And if your aircon is positioned over your bed, it can drip on your head or your pillow, or wake you up at night with its drip-drip sound. There are many possible reasons for a leaking aircon, but most of them can be avoided with regular servicing.

A leaking aircon can also lead to damage of residential walls as well as wooden flooring.

4. To prolong the life of your air conditioner
If maintained properly, an air conditioning unit should last a long time; decades even! But lack of aircon servicing means that your unit will need to work harder and harder as time goes by. This can lead to even bigger problems, such as the compressor or the thermostat failing.

5. Cost savings
Repairing the compressor (or replacing the entire air con unit completely) will cost much more than regular servicing. Besides, having a well-maintained air conditioner will eventually save your electricity bill.

By getting regular aircon servicing, you can keep the vents clean and your aircon working efficiently. The aircon servicing will also top up your refrigerant, so that your aircon can cool the air effectively.

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